Want to get even more involved with your local trails? We depend on volunteers to keep our trails in tip-top shape and ambassadors for trail education and enforcement.

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Third Thursday Trail Crew

Want to help keep our trails in tip-top shape? Join our Third Thursday Trail Crew! We run monthly work parties (usually the Third Thursday morning of every month) from April-November, as well as occasional weekend work parties. Work parties usually include a variety of tasks including thinning, brushing, constructing new trail, or improving trailhead amenities. There is something for everyone! No experience is necessary and we have all the tools. Volunteering with Methow Trails is a great way to get to know the organization and help support the trails!

Service Program

Want to get even more involved with your local trails?  Join our Service Program and become an Ambassador! 

Our Service Program is a great way to get more involved with Methow Trails, engage with your community, and earn an Annual Pass! Applicants must enjoy working with people and be comfortable offering education and enforcement-- checking ski passes and welcoming first-time visitors is a big part of the job. Service Program participants are members of Methow Trails ($50 fee annually) and work a minimum of 20 hours of scheduled service in exchange for an Annual Pass, either at our signature events or as Trailhead and On-Trail Ambassadors out on our extensive network of trails. All Service Program hours are directed toward supporting our trail events and/or winter trailhead ambassador/ski patrol program (not trail work-- please see our Trail Crew Volunteer program above for more information about trail work). 

To join the Service Program, prospective ambassadors must meet the following criteria:

  • Be a full time Methow Valley resident 

  • Be 18 or older

  • Pay the $50 Service Program processing fee

  • Participate in the annual training in late November or early December (dates TBD)

  • Devote at least 20 hours per year to working at trailheads and/or events.  We request a 3-year commitment. Service Program members who work our events may take on a variety of jobs to support the event (ranging from working aid stations, to prepping racer packets, to signing the course), some of which may be done ahead of time, but most of which are done the day of the event. Service Program members who work as Trailhead Ambassadors work 5 x 4-hours shifts at a trailhead checking passes, answering questions, and interacting with trail users. 

  • Be friendly, flexible, and dependable

  • Be generally knowledgeable enough to encourage trail user investment in our organization through trail pass sales (winter), educate the general public about our role in the community, and have a firm understanding of on-trail conditions, use and etiquette.

Ambassadors who meet the above requirements will receive an annual pass in exchange for their service.