Staff and board

Staff and board

The Methow Trails team is made up of a dedicated board of directors and a hard-working staff. We are all trail enthusiasts who love this valley and our work. Come by and say hi anytime. We hope to see you on the trails!

Three cheers for the 2022-2023 Methow Trails grooming crew (plus or minus a few)!
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Administration and support

Meet the crew! Our year-round team is made up of an administrative staff who manage the behind-the-scenes aspects of the trails and a professional trail crew who oversee the operations and maintenance of all 200+ miles of trail.

Grooming staff

The backbone of our organization is our grooming crew, who work throughout the night all winter long to meticulously craft the trail product we strive for.

Board of directors

Methow Trails is governed by a committed board of directors who work to deliver our mission of connecting people, nature, and communities through a world-class trail system. Board members are selected to help us serve the needs of our trail users and our organization. All of our board members bring something unique and valuable to our organization and we are proud of the work that we do.

Board members typically serve for two 3-year terms and sit on a couple of working committees made up of board members, staff, and community members. We meet once a month and this is a volunteer position.

The application deadline has passed for the current board term. Please check back here next November when we begin to accept applications again.

Office dogs

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