Horizon Flats property development

Horizon Flats property development

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After 43 years, we are building a new base of operations in Winthrop!

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A place to call home

Welcome to our new headquarters! Since our origins in 1977, we have never owned our own property. Over the years we have rented and borrowed space to meet, store equipment, and plan events all over the valley. Finally, in 2020, after many years of saving, we purchased this beautiful 18 acre property with proceeds from our trail passes and with critical support from the Methow Investment Network. We envision a community hub that will centralize our operations, host a year-round trailhead, and much more!

The property development will occur in phases over multiple years.

  1. Phase one: Build maintenance shop and storage facility for our fleet of groomers and other machinery. Office space exists in original farmhouse and welcome center/ticket office is temporarily held in front space of mechanic shop. (Completed 2022)

  2. Phase two: Establish loop trail around the property and build new trailhead with parking, bathrooms, information kiosk, and more. Ongoing improvements to landscaping, equipment storage, etc. (Ongoing)

  3. Phase three: New office space and welcome center construction. (Someday!)

Thanks to a grant from the State Recreation and Conservation Office and from the Winthrop Lodging Tax Advisory Committee, we are currently building out a trailhead on the property. Currently the trailhead consists of a mowed/plowed parking area and connection to the 1km Twin Trail loop. Future improvements will include bathrooms, information kiosk, additional parking, and more. The Twin Trail loop circles the property and connects to the Susie Stephens Trail via a footbridge over the foghorn ditch. All are welcome to come enjoy the new addition to trail network!

Our favorite features

We love the new maintenance shop, which has plenty of room for our fantastic mechanics, Brandon and Andy, to work year-round on our fleet of groomers and other machinery. We also love the new front office space which showcases our maps and merchandise. But our favorite aspect of the new property is probably the trail— we love watching neighbors run, walk, ski, bike, and just enjoy the beauty of this amazing spot.