Lee Adams Tour of the Methow

Lee Adams Tour of the Methow

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A supported tour with friends throughout the trails of the valley, February 18, 2023.

Come together and celebrate skiing with your friends on a tour of the best trails of the Methow Valley! Choose your distance: 20 km, 30 km, 50 km or 80 km. Lunch and buses provided.

The Tour of the Methow is held in honor of Lee Adams. Lee loved the outdoors and was passionate about cross country skiing in the Methow Valley. When he lost his life in a tragic accident on Mount Rainier his loved ones donated memorial funds to the Methow Valley Nordic Ski Educational Foundation. Those funds have been used to put benches in the Early Winters area of the trail system, as well as to sponsor the Tour of the Methow. 

The Tour of the Methow course

The full Tour course goes from the Cub Creek trailhead over Rendezvous Pass and down to Mazama (30km), then around the Early Winters part of the system and back to Mazama (20km), and finally from Mazama to Winthrop (30km).

Needless to say most participants choose to do only a portion of the full 80km, and you can do whichever portions you like, starting at Cub Creek, Mazama, Winthrop, or trailheads in between. Whatever part of the course you choose, you won’t want to skip lunch at the Mazama Community Club.

The entire course will be marked with ToM signs, but please bring a trail map if you are not familiar with the trails. Maps are available at the Methow Trails office, on the Methow Trails app, and at many stores in the area.

Kids and families are welcome!

Shuttle Buses

Buses will take skiers from Mazama to Winthrop and from Winthrop to Cub Creek. Another bus will take skiers from Winthrop to Mazama. We will be filling the buses on a first-registered, first-served basis and only have space for the first 100 participants so please arrive early and register for the Tour now to ensure your spot!

Bus departure times are as follows:

7:30 am from Mazama to Winthrop (and then to Cub Creek)

8:00 am from Winthrop (Methow Trails property trailhead, 21 Horizon Flats Rd) to Cub Creek

10:00 am from Winthrop (Methow Trails property trailhead, 21 Horizon Flats Rd) to Mazama Community Club

11:00 am Departs from Mazama Community Club to Winthrop (Methow Trails property trailhead, 21 Horizon Flats Rd)

Please arrive at least 15 minutes prior to bus departure time so that we may check you in and provide your ribbon for the Tour and lunch.

Equipment will not be allowed inside the passenger area of the buses. There is undercarriage space for all skis and poles, but for the safety of passengers and driver visibility no skis or poles can board the buses with you.


After hours of climbing through the Rendezvous or circumnavigating the Early Winters loop, you’ve got a hunger inside you! Come in and warm yourself with some delicious lunch at the Community Club, free for all participants. Bring your Tour ribbon and your appetite! Lunch and snacks are available from 10am until 1 pm.

Thank you Methow Trails sponsors!